I offer mentoring and coaching, helping you become a confident and inspirational leader

What’s stopping you from being the leader you want to be?
Together we will find out what needs to change to help you realise your true potential as a leader.

If you are new to managing and leading, or are an experienced leader but have noticed some gaps in your skill-set, we will explore topics such as:

  • The role and responsibilities of any leader;
  • The key qualities of an excellent leader;
  • What every team needs from you;
  • What you need to do to meet those needs;
  • Giving feedback that is effective
  • Understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring;
  • How to retain top talent;
  • How to keep your team motivated and performing at their best;
  • How to develop a team vision that inspires;
  • How to help your employees cope with change

If you are plagued with self-doubt and low confidence, this mentoring will go a long way to restoring your self-belief.


I base all my leadership mentoring on the 3 Circles Model you see here, created by the world’s first Professor of Leadership, John Adair. I am an accredited Action Centred Leadership Trainer and, working with Professor Adair, I also train and accredit other trainers in this theory.

But we will also go one step further: we will explore your mind-set because even if you have received extensive training and experience in leading others, none of it will matter if you don’t think, feel or act like a leader. You may be aware of what’s holding you back or it may be out of your conscious awareness but don’t worry, using hypnosis, I will be able to uncover your limiting beliefs and resolve them.

I propose that we establish what kind of leader you want to be, through our coaching sessions and then we ensure that you achieve that aspiration, through hypnosis. This aligns your unconscious beliefs with your conscious ambitions and then you will achieve the results you want.

It’s very exciting and can help you overcome those feelings of stress and anxiety that your working life can cause. You can rid yourself of the condition we call The Imposter Syndrome – that awful state of not feeling good enough, not deserving the promotion you want, or the one you’ve just been given, living in dread of being “found out” that you don’t really know what you are doing.

Our minds can play endless tricks on us and we can be our own worst enemy. So let’s get rid of that emotional baggage quickly, gently and powerfully and allow you to fulfil your true potential.