"Sarah Christie has made and continues to make a significant contribution to the field of leadership. If I had to list the Top 10 people who had contributed to the success of ACL in recent years, Sarah would be included in that list."

Professor John Adair, pioneer and creator of Action Centred Leadership & the world's first Professor of Leadership


Meet Sarah Christie, the UK’s foremost specialist in ACL.

“My work is driven by two abiding core values: excellence in delivery and making a genuine difference…

When I work with my clients I am committed to creating a real and lasting change. My goal is to support managers and help them enjoy their role as leaders, to unlock their leadership potential and inspire them into seeing what they are able to achieve – just as soon as they know how and are motivated to try. Much management and leadership training amounts to little more than a one-size-fits-all ‘box ticking’ exercise; this is something I will not and do not accept. I aim instead to equip managers with the tools, strategies and self-belief to succeed; translating what takes place in the classroom into a practical plan for effective leadership. This means focusing relentlessly on the needs of the organisation, the team and the individual. Being just ‘good enough’ simply isn’t good enough. I will settle for nothing less than excellence, and it is my passionate aim in all that I do.”

EO founder and CEO Sarah Christie


Sarah Christie is the UK’s foremost specialist in Action Centred Leadership. As founder and CEO of Effective Outcomes, she is passionate about leadership and teaching in equal measure. A Senior Associate of ACL originator John Adair and Adair International, she is fully accredited in all aspects of ACL theory, and has since gone on to accredit many others on behalf of Adair International. As one of only two Associates in the UK who is licensed to accredit ACL Leaders, Sarah takes this responsibility very seriously and is passionately committed to maintaining the exacting standards set by John Adair. As an Associate of Excel Communications, she holds the accolade of being Excel’s most used trainer in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

For Sarah, leadership development is not just about running a training course. It’s about cutting through the mass of detail to arrive at the issues that really matter; to deliver a tightly focused programme that is driven by the client’s goals to create high performing teams. Sarah delivers leadership training programmes and individual coaching worldwide. She is described variously by her many students as “inspiring, enthusiastic, energetic, funny, engaging, committed and well organised…someone who shows genuine care for the people she trains”.


Life Coach at the UK College of Life Coaching
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner in California with Robert Dilts
Adair Accredited Trainer
Accredited Social Styles Trainer
Accredited ACL Coach
NLP Trainer
TimeLine Therapy Practitioner
Master Hypnotist
Breakthrough Day Practitioner
Accredited Change Management Trainer


Senior Associate of John Adair and Adair International (since 2010)

Associate of Excel Communications Ltd. (since 2006)

“In April 2015 Sarah Christie received 100% ‘excellent’ rating on feedback for Module 4 of the Momentum programme from 11 participants over a series of training aspects…”

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