What others are saying about working with me

For Sarah’s Stress, Anxiety & Confidence Coaching

  • I feel that since I’ve been talking to you, I have made such progress.  I am more focused on the win/win of each situation and have much more confidence than when we first spoke. Without your coaching I never would have got rid of my anxiety, but now I have the belief that I do have the right skills for the role and I’m looking forward to the challenge!(Senior Manager, NHS)
  • During our session, I felt that Sarah really engaged in the areas that were important to me and needed to change. She really focused on understanding my needs and supporting me to make the changes. We looked at my re-occurring pattern of how I deal with things in the past to reflect on how I would deal with situations in the future. I have been very impressed by Sarah’s coaching technique and would highly recommend her to all who need that sense of direction and support in any changes they are making.(Business Owner)
  • It is clear for me that meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me and I can’t thank you enough for your support!(Manager)
  • Sarah is an incredibly engaging and fun coach. My own very positive experience of life coaching has been completely at odds with my prior somewhat cynical views of its merits.  Sarah has helped me to understand the true nature of certain issues that I’ve wrestled with for years. I think that most people have the ability to solve their own problems to a greater or lesser degree, but if you don’t have an insight into what the issue really is (or worse, you do, but choose to ignore it!), what do you do?  Coaching has afforded me that insight.–  Joe Marden, Kent
  • My coaching sessions with Sarah have been life changing.  She has a warm and friendly personality which instantly put me at ease, and within a very short time I felt I was talking to a trusted lifelong friend.  She really cares and it is amazing how exhilarating it is to be truly listened to.  She has helped me to see many things in my life that have been holding me back from where I really want to be and to gain the confidence “to go for it”.  I can hardly believe the things that have happened as a result and I’m now really excited about the future.  I wouldn’t have done it without her and I can’t recommend Sarah more highly.–  Sue Spencer, Bedfordshire
  • In the very first coaching session with Sarah, I found out what I wanted to do with my career.  I’d been really confused, but as I talked, it suddenly hit me out of the blue!  I don’t know why, but I just hadn’t seen it before. I only needed two sessions in the end:  once I’d made my decision it was simple to put together a plan of action. Coaching with Sarah is brilliant.  She gives you plenty of time to think, but asks very insightful questions that completely turn you around.  I felt she was really on my side and listening to me.  It was like talking to a friend, only more productive!–  Charlie Hargreaves, London
  • Sarah Christie is amazing! Eight coaching sessions later and I feel privileged to have had her coach me at a challenging time of my career and personal circumstance.  I trusted her instinctively and her totally non-judgemental approach has helped me to work on my self-belief and self-motivation whilst taking responsibility for putting my life changing decisions into action. Sarah has great sensitivity and understanding. She has acute listening power and a lovely sense of humour that gave our sessions that “feel good factor” I was looking for.  A brilliant coach who has enabled me to embrace my goals with confidence.–  Maria Finn, Peterborough
  • Sarah made you feel comfortable doing things outside your comfort zone. Sarah was great in general! She motivates people and makes them feel good about their way of being at all times.Sarah, in her wonderful style, was always calming and getting to the point at the same time. She was just wonderful,
    Thank you!
  • Sarah was very approachable and shared feedback or advice with me.Sarah is obviously passionate about the subject matter and that passion is contagious. I appreciated, very much, her feedback and encouragement throughout and I feel really well equipped thanks to her ability to share her skills in an intelligent and engaging way.  Her style really suited me.
    Thank you!

For Sarah’s Leadership Coaching & Training

  • Dear Sarah,
    Sarah Christie has made and continues to make a significant contribution to the field of leadership. If I had to list the Top 10 people who had contributed to the success of ACL in recent years, Sarah would be included in that list. Professor John Adair, creator of Action Centred Leadership.
  • Dear Sarah,
    I just wanted to thank you again! You completely changed the way I feel about studying and trainings. I never got my Masters because studying for me was a complete nightmare but there you are, showing that it can be fun and a great experience. I don’t know where you get your energy from, but I wish you a never-ending source of it! You are one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life, thank you for that! I hope your students always appreciate you. Momentum delegate, Mindshare.
  • Sarah,
    Thank you for your energy and intellect. It has made the class very enjoyable and I really appreciate your efforts of going above and beyond for all of us. Thank you.
    Momentum delegate, Mindshare.
  • Your coaching session and the notes you sent me were most helpful in categorising/organising my thoughts and certainly had a major role in helping me make a decision. I am most grateful and I would certainly use your services again and recommend you to friend/colleagues.
    AB Clinical Director, NHS