"This powerful model immediately provides an important map to start your personal journey into leadership. The concepts of ACL are practical and applicable to all stages of leadership development. A lot of emerging leaders would greatly benefit from this training. This is a fantastic programme that has inspired me greatly. I recommend it to everyone who wants to make a difference."

Sarah Christie
Helping Managers Become Natural Born Leaders

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Welcome to Effective Outcomes, the UK’s premier provider of Action Centred Leadership™ (ACL®)

A revolution is underway…

Conventional old-style management is being replaced by ‘business’ leadership – and it’s happening fast. Three broad levels of leadership are emerging: team leadership (leading six or so people); operational leadership (leading a significant part of the business, such as a division, department or branch); and strategic leadership (leading a whole organisation). Central to ACL philosophy is that excellence is required at all three levels, and that the secret to business success lies in teamwork between and within each of these levels.

Many organisations who claim to have a leadership development strategy typically only focus on the top-group and the high-fliers, while team leadership is neglected. Yet inevitably it is the team leader and their team who interface with the customer. It is therefore vital that leadership development is rolled out at team level as well as operational and strategic levels.  

What is Action Centred Leadership?

ACL offers a powerful, proven and highly practical approach to leadership with the focus on what a leader must DO to succeed. Not only does it provide us with a definitive description of the generic role of a leader, but John Adair’s iconic 3 Circles model serves as a critical reminder of the common needs shared by any group of people and the areas of responsibility a leader has to fulfil.

Sarah Christie, the founder and CEO of Effective Outcomes, works closely with Professor John Adair and specialises in his Action Centred Leadership theory, as she believes it is the most effective and practical theory for helping leaders that she has come across. She’s not alone in this belief! Participant feedback has proven over and over again that ACL is one of the most valued elements of all the leadership programmes Sarah delivers. Click here to read more about Sarah

In the light of the Francis report our trust needs to assure the public that managers don’t just manage, but they have the potential to ‘lead’ This course, however simple in structure, provides techniques for assisting managers to understand leadership principles, theory, techniques and methods to develop their leadership skills. The delivery of the course provided motivation to do this. Awesome trainers and course would recommend this to all managers and potential leaders. Really enjoyable experience, thank you.”   NHS Trust Manager