Discover How To Beat Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

Talking therapies are often recommended on the NHS for the treatment of anxiety and depression. I experienced that myself many years ago.

Very often the service is free of charge – yay!
But what I found and what my clients have found out is that the NHS waiting lists for counselling are lengthy and what’s worse, if you are lucky enough to receive any help, whilst it can help you make sense of the past, it can’t do much about helping you overcome it. You can apply an awful lot of logic to your situation, but it doesn’t stop you feeling what you feel.

For example, if you were bitten by a dog at the age of 5, it would a very frightening event and naturally, you would develop a fear of dogs. No matter how old you are, you would carry that fear that originated in childhood, even though you know that – logically – not all dogs bite or will harm you. The emotional mind is driven to protect you and so it will continue to make you wary of dogs, just in case that event should happen again.

The trouble is, we can accumulate many events like this in our lives and end up being totally overwhelmed by them. Hence the anxiety and low mood can often take hold and it becomes difficult to function at all.
Most of these issues are also out of conscious awareness because they are being held onto by the sub-conscious mind which is why many people don’t understand why they feel anxious or subdued. Some clients tell me that something happened to them years ago, but they are “over that now”. I doubt it! If trouble persists now, it is likely to have its root cause from way back when.

That’s where I come in. Yes, there is a charge, but I can see you quickly, and I work quickly too, releasing all of those troubling feelings, making you feel so much better. I don’t need to know about your past, or what happened to you. You don’t need to re-live anything upsetting. I am only interested in helping you let go of whatever you are holding onto. If you want to tell me because you feel better for doing so, that’s fine, but I’m just letting you know that you don’t have to.

Some clients tell me they want to feel normal again, others that they want to be who they used to be before their troubles took hold, others want to be a new, healthier version of themselves.
There’s a lot to be said for an uneventful, ordinary, life, but I don’t think we can always appreciate that until we have experienced the opposite.
Here’s to getting your life back on track.