"A brilliant day, just what I needed. I
feel re-energised, re-motivated and above all, clear about what I need to do
to achieve my goals for 2014."

Kirsten Gibbs, Gibbs & Partners Ltd.

What Can Renew You Do for You?

Here are some of the benefits to you of just one day spent investing in RenewYou:

You’ll get to spend the entire day focusing on YOU and what your goals are for the next 12 months – and beyond!

You’ll identify where you want to be, and how you want to get there using Jane’s proven, practical and inspirational techniques.

A recent Institute of Leadership & Management Report said women felt that their lack of confidence held them back from getting to the top. Well it won’t any longer! Not if you do this course. You’ll leave with your confidence well and truly boosted and knowing how to maintain that inner belief in yourself .

You’ll uncover the thoughts that have previously held you back and frustrated your efforts, AND learn how to banish them for ever!

You will discover how to connect with your ‘positive self’ and identify your internal mail. Create your own spam filter!

You’ll enjoy the company of wonderful, inspiring women (like you) who share a desire to take charge of their lives!

You’ll leave with your own brand new, inspirational RenewYou journal to continue your progress at home & work over the next 12 months.

You’ll have a great action plan made to take you forward and keep you on track.

You will have invested in your own continuing professional development.

You’ll have the opportunity for some great follow-on women’s coaching with me, so that we can put your plan into action.

This workshop is offered at just £199 for the day. You will be guided through a step by step process for exploring what you want in the coming 12 months (and perhaps beyond), who you need to be and what actions you need to take. You will do ordinary things in a less than ordinary way, to release your creative powers and super-charge your confidence!

As if that wasn’t enough, you also receive a fantastic 12 month journal to take away with you, plus refreshments all day and a delicious lunch in luxurious surroundings. This is not a day to be missed and represents amazing value for money. But don’t take my word for it. Scroll down and read what previous participants are saying!
Resolve to RenewYou in 2015 and have a wonderful year!

Who is it for?

I’ve always been passionate about helping women reach their full potential and being the best that they can be and this one day course is designed for any woman at any stage in her life and /or career. The RenewYou personal development course has been written and designed especially for women like you, when you want space to reflect on your life, work out if you’re still headed in the right direction, when you want to make positive and lasting changes, and when you could do with a quick boost of confidence to get going and make your dreams a reality! If you’ve never done personal development type courses before this is a brilliant place to start. And if you have, it’s a great refresher.

You may be at a crossroads career wise, or relationship wise. You may want the confidence to follow your dream or to step up and get that promotion you deserve. Or you may simply wish to spend time taking stock and actively planning the next phase of your life, taking control. You choose what you want to focus on and RenewYou will give you the tools and inspiration to make those dreams a reality! You’ll be stretched a little, naturally, (but no one is made to disclose more than they wish) and there is positively NO ROLE PLAY! The atmosphere is supportive, energising and encouraging with time to talk directly with me throughout the day. You’ll LOVE it!

It’s a long lasting investment in your career, your life, YOU! Time to stop thinking ‘If only I could…’ and actually do. You can make positive life changes as the hundreds of women who have done RenewYou can testify. Book now and start making your dreams a reality!

Here’s what the participants on the RenewYou workshop in 2014 thought:

“Fantastically organised and welcoming day. Great materials: the journal is exceptional and will be a very useful tool going forward. I just loved the day! The work on the Confidence Mantra was inspiring and a huge break-through for me. Thank you Sarah and guests.”
Jennie Diver, The Book-Keeper

“A brilliant day, just what I needed. I feel re-energised, re-motivated and above all, clear about what I need to do to achieve my goals for 2014.”
Kirsten Gibbs, Gibbs & Partners Ltd.

“An inspirational day, completely converted a training course sceptic! To say life changing is dramatic but in this case true. I’m excited about my future. Thank you Sarah.”
Paula Prentice

“A day with Sarah has left me excited, focused and ready to move my business to the next stage.”
Amanda Murphy, Cruise Holidays UK

“Great Day! You are brilliant at creating a safe and fun atmosphere, conducive to letting go and thinking freely and constructively. My 2014 goals seem less daunting by the end of today. Thank you!”
Babeth Piveteau

“A fun and inspiring day. Sarah is a great trainer.”
Catherine Wakelin, Finite Management

And read what others are saying about me:

“I think I said to everyone around that it was the most amazing training I have ever attended and that you were the best trainer ever!!!”JB, Thailand

“It is clear for me that meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me and I can’t thank you enough for your support!” KC, entrepreneur

“I now know what I want and need to do to be me! And I’m ready to do it! You are truly brilliant! And I will share this.” NL, entrepreneur

For further testimonials, please see my recommendations on LinkedIn.

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