"Let her sleep
For when she wakes,
She will move mountains."

Napoleon Bonaparte

The Effective Female Leader

Confident leadership is developed through a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude and this course creates confident and compassionate leaders: women who are ready to step up and be acknowledged for the great leaders they truly are.

True leadership requires integrity, humility, passion, courage, resilience, warmth, toughness, fairness and a willingness to develop others in order to unlock potential and create a high performing team. Essentially, much of leadership success revolves around good quality communication and the ability to connect with people. Leadership is a people business, although in today’s world, this has been all but forgotten in the drive to meet targets and deadlines.

Although leadership has its foundations in inspiration, too often, people “lead” others by hiding behind their job title and relying on their positional power to get things done. Rather than inspire, they seek to “tell” others what to do. This is a complete misunderstanding of leadership and has led us to the crisis we face in modern organisations the world over. Leadership requires understanding, openness and compassion and the good news is that the majority of women possess these qualities already. They are good at connecting with people, they remain calm under pressure, they are skilled at building rapport and they take measured risks. Sadly, too many women have not yet found their leadership voice, as they do not promote themselves enough or take the opportunities they deserve. A lack of confidence is the single biggest reason why women are not in the senior positions they warrant.

This course is designed to enable women to consciously become confident and natural leaders through learning and applying the critical skills for effective leadership. Using the Action Centred Leadership model at its core, these skills form the core of the leadership tool kit and with them, women will be able to build high performing teams, which leads to organisational excellence. A developed and motivated workforce results in greater productivity, rising profits and a reduction in stress-related absenteeism. It all begins with great leadership.

Best of all, the women who attend this programme will unlock their own latent potential and develop the confidence and self-belief they need to step up and fully contribute to the success of the organisation as a whole.

By an innovative mixture of trainer input and a high level of participant interaction and engagement, everyone is encouraged to participate in experiential learning in a safe environment. The learning is fun and enjoyable, memorable and easy to implement, with a strong focus on practical application and open and honest discussion.

Benefits of Attending this Course:

  • Women will understand the true role of a leader.
  • They will be introduced to and be able to use tried and tested models that work.
  • Through plenty of practice during the course they will be confident to use their new skills.
  • They will know exactly what a leader has to do in order to achieve the tasks, while supporting the team and developing individuals.
  • They will become highly influential in their environment.
  • They will be pioneers for women leaders.
  • They will leave energised, highly motivated and eager to use their new skills.
  • Their enthusiasm will be backed up by real skill and new knowledge.
  • They will have an action plan to implement.
  • They will achieve far greater results than ever before.
  • They will develop a reputation of being an effective and confident leader.
  • They will develop stronger networks and be seen as key influencers in their work place.
  • They will be inspired to put the theories into practice.
  • They will make a real difference to the lives of those who work for them.
  • They will develop a true sense of their leadership style.
  • They will be able to make choices about how they wish to be perceived.
  • They will stand out as natural leaders.
  • They will progress in their careers much more quickly than before.
  • They will leave a positive legacy that will touch the lives of all who work for them.


5 days