Crockwood Farm – your sanctuary when you need it most

Feel safe, Feel secure, Feel better

As you may have read on the About page, I experienced a nervous breakdown when I was 32. It wasn’t a sudden thing, but took about 2 years to build until I realised, I didn’t feel like me anymore. I became increasingly anxious, started having panic attacks and began to dread any situation that I felt I couldn’t control. A combination of life and work problems forced me to step down from work when I realised I couldn’t function normally and the strain of trying to pretend I was fine became too exhausting.

Although I completely recovered, changed my career and have gone onto enjoy much success, I have never forgotten how scary it was to feel as if I’d lost my grip on life and wonder if I would ever feel normal again. All I could think about was getting back to work – to the familiarity of that old life.

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And that is why, as soon as I moved to Cornwall, in 2016, I knew what I wanted to do. Crockwood Farm was so breathtakingly beautiful and so abundant with wildlife and nature, that I knew I wanted to create that little piece of paradise for other people that I could have done with all those years ago. It really is a magical place and I want it to be your Sanctuary while you are feeling fragile. With a huge focus now on mental health, it is well documented that being in nature plays a critical role in helping people reduce their stress. In fact, Crockwood Farm provides many of the stated proven antidotes to stress.

When I first had the idea, I decided I wanted it to be a corporate Retreat, paid for by organisations. But so many people told me that their boss wouldn’t pay for their stay, but asked if they could pay as individuals, I decided to change the model! Now, the Retreat is available to both. Some lucky employees have their stay here paid for by their employer and others choose to take a week’s holiday and pay for it themselves.

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Only one person stays at The Retreat at a time, so you can be assured of total privacy and peace. You can choose to stay 4 or 6 nights so that you get 3 or 5 full days here. We will walk together in beautiful woods, along the coastal clifftops and even the beach if you prefer. We will talk about what’s troubling you and in the afternoons, I will help you discover more about what is happening. You will learn what triggers your stress, how to handle each situation more resourcefully and learn techniques that will help you ward off future stress when you return to the office. Just as I do in my individual sessions, I will blend my skills to create a powerful, yet gentle, solution for you. In the evenings you will have a cosy cottage all to yourself and you are free to spend the time as you wish.

I understand that you will find it difficult to believe you could be helped in just 3 days but don’t put more pressure on yourself by thinking that way! Relax – trust me – and have faith in the process.

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The coaching will help you find out more about yourself and your situation, the NLP and EFT (tapping) will dramatically reduce your anxiety and stress and the hypnotherapy will help you create your desired future. It is a holistic approach – gentle and powerful, fast and effective.

My work places its focus on your thoughts and feelings and I harness the power of your amazing mind to resolve all the things that are holding you back.

Isn’t it good to know that your mind can calm down? That you can feel peaceful instead of anxious all the time?

I think you deserve someone to listen to you and help you, and you deserve to make time for yourself. You don’t need to fight this on your own anymore.

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Why not stay at Crockwood Farm for a few days and press the pause button on your life? It’s time to breathe …

If you would like to know more about The Retreat, I would love you to download a PDF brochure and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.