"The great benefit of ACL is that it ACTUALLY WORKS..."

Proof it Works

ACL is a unique and innovative approach to leadership training.

As the name implies, at the heart of ACL methodology is an emphasis on what a leader must to DO to succeed. It is proven to be one of the few leadership models that transfers out of the classroom into real life, translating theory into practical actions that make a measurable and lasting difference. Of all leadership programmes, the ACL model is the one that is consistently cited during post-course evaluation as having the most value – typically with up to 98% approval.

ACL liberates a workforce to perform at peak effectiveness; it enables managers to lead with confidence, empowering them to re-energise and re-motivate underperforming teams or individuals who have become ‘stuck in a rut’, resulting in increased productivity and, ultimately, profit. Vitally, it introduces a common language into an organisation, making communication both easier and much more effective.

Effective Outcomes ACL workshops are stimulating and highly interactive. Unlike other forms of leadership training, learning takes place during the activities, rather than being lecture based. By learning as a group, it enables teams to work more productively at every level, both with managers and each other. And, vitally, it’s fun! Delegates on our programmes consistently tell us they’ve never had such a real and unique experience of what it means to lead a team on any other course.

“I have taught this to leaders who hold Master’s degrees in leadership and they still stay it is the most useful thing they’ve ever learned because it shows them what to do…”
Sarah Christie


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