"This has been an enjoyable and interesting course. I have some useful theories to take away and that I will be able to use in my work place, both with groups and individuals."

ACL Operations Level

ACL Operations Level Programme – ACL for the Operational Leader

Programme Format

Operational leaders are those who manage at mid to senior levels. They are typically responsible for a significant part of an organisation’s operations, and their direct reports are themselves managers and leaders. Building on the ACL Team Leader Level programme , the ACL Operational Leader Level programme defines the seven key functions of operational leaders, as outlined by John Adair, together with the changes required in the application of the team functions when leading at operational level. Stimulating and fast-paced, the programme combines group discussion with activities designed to challenge and bring the theory to life.

All courses are tailored to individual organisational needs.

Who should attend?

Mid and senior managers, function heads and departments, line managers, and those in line for promotion to middle management positions; managers who needs to influence strategy while managing the day to day needs of a team; managers who may be familiar with management theories, but find it challenging to put them into practice.

How will you benefit?

During the programme you will:

  • Acquire a practical framework of leadership that is immediately applicable in the workplace
  • Learn different approaches to leadership – qualities, situational and functional
  • Develop the confidence and skills to manage those managers who report to you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the management process and how operational leadership impacts on performance
  • Learn strategies for overcoming leadership challenges
  • Be equipped with tools to influence strategy in your organisation
  • Understand your how your role and responsibilities differ from those of a team leader
  • Have the reassurance that you are learning via a proven and highly respected leadership theory


1, 2 or 3 days, depending upon your organisational requirements.

Effective Outcomes also offers individual coaching for leaders at every level. All training and coaching programmes may be conducted in the UK and worldwide. The most effective intervention appears to be a combination of group training, learning the principles of Action Centred Leadership, followed by individual coaching on how to embed the principles in the office.

Please note that we are able to design and deliver a suite of leadership programmes for all management levels, developed within the ACL framework and adapted to address the current needs of your organisation – e.g. change management. If required, a programme can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop at any leadership level.


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