"It's become a daily occurrence throughout the course of my training and coaching work - women telling me they can't get noticed, can't get their voice heard; male colleagues telling them they're 'over emotional'...'too sensitive'...'lacking in confidence..."

Sarah Christie

ACL for Women

A dynamic leadership programme designed and run especially for women.

In ACL for Women Sarah Christie takes the principles of Action Centred Leadership and applies them to the role of the female leader. Vitally, we explore the issues that are most relevant to women in the modern workplace. We look at the concept of ‘emotional intelligence’ and ask if there really is a place in the organisation for emotion, sensitivity and compassion; and also address that age-old question: do women make as good or even better leaders than men?

By the end of the programme you’ll have grown in confidence and assertiveness, demonstrate a newfound assurance that you really do know what you’re doing, and feel freshly empowered to step up and be noticed for your unruffled leadership skills!

All courses are tailored to your individual organisational needs.

Who should attend?

ACL for Women is suitable for any woman who works, or aspires to work, in a leadership or management role. Perhaps there are women in your organisation who have not yet realised their true potential as leaders and you would like to give them a proven leadership framework within which to operate as well as growing their confidence, which this course will undoubtedly do.


2-3 days

Effective Outcomes also offers individual coaching for women leaders at every level. As a qualified coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotist, Sarah Christie really can help women control their emotions in the workplace and steadily build assertiveness skills and that all-important self-confidence.

Please note that we are able to design and deliver a suite of leadership programmes for all management levels, developed within the ACL framework and adapted to address the current needs of your organisation. You may wish to focus on communication, the skills of following up, coaching and giving feedback and all of these are covered within the context of the Action Centred Leadership model. If required, a programme can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop at any leadership level.


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